Website Development

Website development is not only a prestige matter for modern companies. Nowadays, the development website is considered a business investment that provides numerous benefits to its owners.

Create now your website for increasing the reachability of your website while simplifying the process through which the customers can come in contact with you. Your new website will be act as a great tool for promoting online your products and services.

All of our websites are well optimized for automatically adjusting to any screen size. All of our efforts are emphasizing on making websites that are user-friendly and in accordance to the SEO requirements.


E-shop Development

In order to achieve a competitive advantage over the Cypriot and International marketplace, the creation of a well optimized online store is the only requirement. The creation of an e-shop will allow you to promote your products and services on a greater audience without the need to worry about any geographic limitations.

The latest researches regarding the buyers’ behavior, outline that the majority of people tend to conduct their purchases through their smart devices (telephones, tablet).

All of our e-shops are well optimized in terms of design and functionality, details that can change your potential customers’ mindset in terms of persuading them for your e-shop’s credibility.


The Website Development Life – Cycle

Define Your Project

In this stage we are collaborating with the client in order to retrieve all the information that are required to analyze his competition, the desired goals, his potential target audience and what his customers might seek on the website in terms of content.

Website Planning

In this stage, we proceed by mapping the entire website. A list with all the main and sub categories is generated that allow the designers to identify the required types of technology that is to be used.

Furthermore we are planning the website’s navigation and overall content placement in order for the end result to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Wireframes & Design

Once a customer reach your website the first think that will grab his attention is your website’s design. Our team of designers are responsible to create outstanding and unigue layouts for you. The design proposal once ready are presented and explained to the client, discussed and then they are modified according to his/her comments.


At this stage the finalized designs are passed to the programmers for proceeding with your websites implementation. While developing we are constantly testing to ensure uniform appearance of your website in all browsers and devices. During his stage customers have a temporary URL for monitoring the overall development process.

Functionality & Performance Test

At this stage a series of test will be performed to ensure that everything works as intended. We start by checking the various modules such us forms and galleries. Then we re-asses the website’s appearance on various browsers and devices. Finally, the developed website is connected with the client’s social media and analytics platform.

Support & Maintenance

We always try to ensure the top results and quality to our websites. At the same time, special emphasis is given to the customer’s after sales experience. We are always by the side of our clients to provide guidance, answer any question, make any changes that might be needed and provide training to the used technologies and platforms.

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