Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your site in Google’s search results, putting you at the forefront of your target audience. We make recommendations based on Google’s Algorithms to get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

Getting higher ranking in the organic search results can help your company build both trust and authority. In addition, it might indicate to your potential customers that you will provide the solution to what they are searching for. Additionally, boosting your website up the ranking ladder can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic your website receives and in return, deliver a higher ROI.


Five Steps For Successful Email Marketing


Every good SEO strategy starts by conducting an in-depth research. This process involves learning about a customer as much as possible about their products and services as well as the overall industry sector in which they are operating. An important step of this process is the execution of an audit to our customers website.

A quick analysis of this stage involves the following:

  • Analyze your customer’s competitors and their website in depth.
  • Analyze customer’s server and site.
  • Audit customer’s website for SEO issues as well as mobile friendliness.

Through the outcomes of this step we will be able to create an SEO Strategy and an Action Plan for our customer.


Right after we have completed a comprehensive analysis of our customers site, competitors and company, we proceed by optimizing your website for search. Small- and large-scale updates will be applied to our customer’s website such as improving the customer’s website usability and revising your title tags on selected pages.

A quick overview of the involved tasks are the following:

  • Setup Google Analytics account for our customer and definition of the desired outcomes.
  • Improve customer’s website usability for users.
  • By having as goal the maximum usability of the customer’s website we update the website architecture as well as content usability.
  • Optimize images, title tags, and meta descriptions for specific keywords and user intents
  • Create and revise Google My Business customer’s profile for search and users
  • Resolve any duplicate content and associate SEO errors that might exist on our customers website.

Customer’s approval for the accomplishment of the involved changes is required.


Without the content that exists on the various websites the search engines would have nothing to rank. That’s why we are not optimizing only our customer’s website content, but we also create new content for them. This content does more than just help in the process of relevant keywords, since it can also provide answers to the questions of customers.

A quick overview of the services offered through this step are:

  • Enhance the customer’s website existing content in order to provide answers to questions that their users might have.
  • Develop new content ideas that target valuable keywords and target audience members
  • Create optimized website copy, blog posts, infographics, guides, and more…

Keywords act as the basis of an effective SEO strategy, that is why we tend audit our customers’ and their competitors’ websites, by using advanced keyword research tools.

A quick view of the services provided through this step are the following:

  • Analyze keyword strategy for competitors.
  • Research relevant, high-value keywords for our customer’s products or services.
  • Develop a list of keywords to target across our customer’s website.
Earned Media & Links

A company’s ranking in search results is depended upon 200 off-page and on-page factors. While on-page factors — like a webpage’s URL, images, and title tag — come from our customer’s website, off-page factors — like a link from one site to another site — come from other websites.

At IQ-TEC we improve our customer’s off-page ranking factors. What that means is we will search for valuable opportunities to share our customer’s content with trusted sites in his/her industry.

A quick view of the services provided through this step are the following:

  • Earn relevant mentions for our customer’s site’s content, like a blog post, from reputable websites
  • Promote our customer’s content to trusted, go-to publishers or websites in our customer’s industry
  • Help our customer’s content, like an infographic, go viral to receive valuable mentions from sites

Unlike traditional marketing, SEO allows our customers to adapt to changes fast. A smart SEO agency, like IQ-TEC, takes advantage of this feature. We continually search for areas of improvement and provide recommendations for elements to test and make one percent better.

A quick view of the services provided through this step are the following:

  • Develop new and compelling CTAs that persuade our customer’s target audience to act
  • Analyze our customer’s audience’s conversion path and look for areas of improvement
  • Track our customer’s ROI to spot new opportunities for increasing his/her business ROI

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