How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business in 2020

To grow an e-commerce business, you need more than just a website. Perhaps at this point you already have a website, you have selected and inserted your products and set up your payment platform, and you think nothing can go wrong, right? Well, a few days or months in and you’re not getting enough orders and you start to wonder what’s wrong.

This is the story of many e-commerce store owners. There is so much competition in e-commerce that it can be hard to boost sales. It doesn’t even matter if you are just starting out or you’re trying to grow a company that already exists. You don’t need to wait until sales begin to drop or your bounce rate increases, you can start making needed changes now. Reinventing your e-commerce website to boost sales would require a serious investment in resources, it’s not necessarily a simple project as it involves a lot of strategizing and analysis but in this article, we show you five ways to grow your eCommerce store and make more sales.

Upgrade Your Approach to Branding

Your brand is more than just a logo, a typeface, and some fancy press releases. Rather it is the feeling that your customers get when they browse through your store. That is what branding is all about, a set of associations and feelings that your audience has about you or your business. It is the meeting point of your business strategy with the expectations and emotions of your customers. To be successful in branding, you will need to combine your online presence with the product your offering as well as how you communicate with your customers.

It is a known fact that people prefer and even love buying from brands. This is why a well-crafted branching strategy can be one of your most valuable assets in the market. When done right, branding can help you achieve every goal and pre-set KPI. We’ll share a few tips on how to improve your eCommerce branding strategy and stand out from your competitors.

Strive to Have the Best Customer Service

If branding is supposed to be about your customer’s perception of you, then perhaps the first place you should start is from your customer service. You didn’t start your business for yourself and so your focus should always be on your customers. Invest time and resources in understanding your customers what they want and how they behave.

If you have a customer service team, ensure that they provide personalized services to your customers. A feeling of personal attention is important and would endear your customers to you. Also, ensure that you are available to answer every complaint that the customer has as often as possible. Whether through live chat on your website or a rapid social media response time,  responding to your customers quickly builds a positive perception of your brand in their minds.

Tell A Story with Your Brand

People naturally connect to and engage with stories, which is why you should build a story around your e-commerce brand. a genuine and honest story build trust with your customers, after all, they are a lot of e-commerce stores are, why should they buy from you? A good story gives them that reason.

Select and Focus on a Target Market

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 Even though you are in eCommerce, everybody is not your customer. So, you need to select a target market and tailor your approach to reaching them.  Once you’ve selected your target audience, focus your efforts on connecting with them, by creating a brand persona that they can relate with.

Look For Opportunities to Redesign Yourself

Change is the only constant thing they say, this is certainly true for your e-commerce store. the most successful e-commerce stores evolve as with time, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. Just ensure that you execute it properly. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your eCommerce offering.

Fix UX Issues

If your sales metrics are steadily reducing, and you don’t seem to be attracting new prospects, it may mean that you have major UX issues on your eCommerce site. You can fix this up by doing some research on how successful e-commerce businesses in their industry use and then implementing them. Fortunately, Avoori helps in this by providing you with a complete template that offers you some of the best UI/UX that there is, ensuring that your users have the best experience when shopping on your website. 

Increase Social Media Interaction

Social media still remains one of the best channels to attract customers. To attract your customers’ attention, pay attention to where you share your content and your products. You can do this by ensuring that you have a clear image that is appealing to your customers and that your posts are relevant to your industry and target audience. 

Simplify Your Buying Process

The entire purpose of having an e-commerce store is to make sales. It is therefore important that you make it as easy as possible for a sale to be made. 

To grow your eCommerce store and actually increase sales, you need to ensure that the shopping experience is convenient and bleeds your customers to actually complete their purchases on your web store. Some of the things that you have to do to simplify the shopping process include:

1. Make the Navigation Intuitive

You must ensure that your e-commerce website is easy to navigate, that is, users must be able to find what they want as fast and as easily as the design of your website we need to anticipate what your users would do next and Influence them to take that step. and intuitive website design would help users make better decisions just like a physical salesperson can easily convince a shopper to make a purchase.

2. Make Your Payment Options Convenient

The end of a transaction is when payment is made, and as such you want to make it easy for your customers to make payments on your website. so, your website should allow users to pay with their debit or credit cards, which is more or less the industry-standard. however, it to allow alternative methods of payment such as PayPal or other online payment platforms. In fact, if you can implement cryptocurrencies and gift cards make it easier for more people to make purchases on a website, especially those that are wary of sharing personal information.

First, your initial payment system should be able to detect the type of credit or debit card been used once the first few numbers are entered. also, it will be wise to have an FAQ section to handle some common questions but users usually have. It’s also not a bad idea to link out users to their banks or merchant so as for them to get the help that they will need in the case of any issues with payments. This is especially true for first-time online shoppers or those just testing out a new payment system.

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