Bad content is the greatest threat for a company that is trying to promote itself online. When every two-bit marketers are throwing their hat into the ring, it becomes harder to come up with great content.

At IQ-TEC  we design, build, write and distribute unique content for your company. We don’t just say that we can do it – we actually do it, by generating and distributing content that can improve your company’s SEO and engage with your customers in a way that is impossible to ignore.

Our deep knowledge on how to grow brands and their market share by generating engagement, community and conversation, several companies trust us for generating their digital content that will be published either as an advertisement or as part of their website.


Digital Content Creation Services

Content Distribution

Even if you have hired the best team for creating your digital content, if they are unable to promote this content to your audience, this will just be a waste of time and money. At IQ-TEC we are using a mixture of PR, Social Media platforms, through free and paid post to ensure that your digital content will reach the right audience at the right time.

Creating Custom Graphics

At IQ-TEC our team of designers and designers have the ability to create custom digital or hand drawn digital content, that will best match your company’s needs.

Some of the types of Digital Content that we can produce for you are the following:

  • Info-graphics
  • Reports
  • Illustrations
  • Slide-Shares
  • Logos
  • Promotional Videos of your Products & Services
  • Branding
Content Auditing & Strategy Development

At IQ-TEC the first think that we do when a company set us responsible for its digital content is to perform an audit of its existing content. Based on the results of this audit we will prepare detailed reports that will outline how your existing content performed, what it works well and what it does not as well as why.

The next step that we follow, is to ask from you to let us know what are your company’s business and marketing objectives. Based on the provided info our team of experts will prepare a detailed content strategy that if followed will allow your company to achieve its desired outcomes.

Video Creation

Video is the future. Across all channels, all site visitors and all formats, video is an investment you can’t afford to cut. It’s a fundamental component of every content strategy, and a core competency of IQ-TEC’s content creation services.

Customer testimonials, on-location shoots, corporate promos, in-studio productions, live event coverage and multipurpose animations are just a few of the ways we drive higher video marketing engagement.

Our in-house team of videographers, animators and studio specialists are visionaries in their fields.

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